Lifestyle Photography with Braeden Brkich

, Lifestyle Photography with Braeden Brkich

How did you start Photography?
I started about 2 years ago when a High School friend of mine asked me to photograph her wedding. Before then, I really didn’t have any professional knowledge of photography, I had a Nikon D3200 which I played around with, took a lot of different photos about a lot of different things. But my interest in photography really took off after I shot her wedding, and after I posted photos of her wedding, I got 5 bookings! So, I decided to learn more and more about photography, especially with editing, watched a lot of YouTube videos.

, Lifestyle Photography with Braeden Brkich

Why Life Style Photography?
Life Style Photography is something natural to me, because that when my subjects are in their natural habitats, instead of me telling them what to do. I really like the documentary part of it, and just following up with the timeline is what really excites me.

, Lifestyle Photography with Braeden Brkich
What’s your most memorable moment in Photography?
So, I have two most embarrassing moments that I will never forget. One of them when I was doing a styled shoot for a bride, I kneeled down to fluff the bride’s dress, and all I heard was a really loud ripping noise, so I looked down, and of course my pants had ripped. It was so embarrassing! Then the second moment is also my biggest photography fail moment where I forgot all of my batteries at home. But thank god I wasn’t far from home, so I ran home and came back to finish the shoot. But I swear to god I will never let that happen again!

, Lifestyle Photography with Braeden Brkich

If you can only bring camera and one lens to a shoot, what would it be?
I would bring a Sony A7iii and my Sigma 35mm despite its difficulties at focusing sometimes, the Sigma 35mm is still my favorite.

Any advice for someone who wants to get into photography?
A lot of people think photography is easy, the subjects just happens to have the perfect pose, or the weather is always great when you’re out on a shoot, or you’re just goofing around with a camera over your shoulder. But most people don’t realize the work you had to put in to get that shot. When I shoot kids, to get some of the kids to corporate, it could’ve taken 3 lollipops, 5 cookies and a new puppy! But I think if you understand what being a photographer really means, you should put yourself and your work out there, don’t worry about being judged on Instagram or Facebook, don’t worry about having less followers. At the end of the day, the people that comes to you for a shoot will love your work!


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