Videographer Spotlight: Zak Seibert

Did you start with photography or did you go straight into videography? Why?

I was always interested in photography, having won first place in a district competition in middle school.

I started doing videography out of necessity.  We owned the largest independent furniture store in San Antonio until recently.  In the beginning, we paid an advertising firm to produce our TV commercials, but I was never happy with the quality of the commercials.  There was nothing to distinguish our commercials from the big box stores. Advertising, obviously, can make or break a business, so I started writing and producing my own commercials for the store.  Immediately, people all over town were remembering the commercials and business picked up. The more I taught myself about production and editing, the more interested I became in videography.

So, what types of videos do you do now?

In addition to commercials, I’ve also done real estate videos, political campaign videos and music videos.  I am currently working with Dream Week activities to document San Antonio’s vision of fostering dialogue across cultures and communities, as well as the largest MLK March in the nation.

I really enjoy filming my son’s adventures…he is almost two.  This has opened up a whole new genre of family videography that I am currently exploring.  I’ve enjoyed weaving family history into the videos of my son and his developmental milestones.

Do you have any suggestions for other people who are interested in videography?

I think learning something new is definitely scary.  I would suggest you take it slow, explore learning opportunities on You Tube, as well as workshops offered by local experts, such as The Camera Exchange.  Talking to others who have experience is a help.  And don’t be afraid to try new things…if it doesn’t work out, at least you have made a start. I am continuously listening to all venues of music and trying to be aware of every opportunity that could be a new video.  Just learn from your mistakes and keep making adjustments until you finally produce a product you are proud of.

What’s your favorite accessory?

My Lowepro backpack! I LOVE its low profile, the different compartments for organizing and protecting all of my gadgets!  I take it everywhere I go…you never know when or where you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a potential video.

What’s your worst nightmare?

Recording the footage, only to find out my memory card is corrupted!

What’s your most memorable moment?

I recently took my son, Grayson, to visit his relatives in Ohio.  I was able to shoot Grayson on the family farm where my dad was born and grew up.  These special videos are not documenting family history for my son, but also is a special tribute to my dad, who passed away when I was fourteen.  I feel that through the videos, Grayson will feel a connection to his Grandpa that might, otherwise, be impossible.

I hope to have the opportunity to produce these special videos for other families as well.  Whether it’s documenting special family celebrations or closing the miles with family far away, videography is a way of making memories last forever.

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