Summer Time! Macro Time! – Get the best Macro Photos This Summer with these Tools!

Summer is coming in hot here in Texas! And y’all know what that means! It’s Macro time! Macro Photography is extremely close up photography of usually very tiny objects like a bumble bee collecting nectar or pollen on a wild flower. But that is not always easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools! In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the essential tools for Macro Photography so you can make the most of your summer!


1.) Tripod
Tripods! Tripods! Tripods! We can’t stress this enough when it comes to Macro Photography! You definitely want to utilize a tripod when you’re out taking macro photos. It will make the difference between a usable sharp image or a blurry image due to sudden movement of your body or the camera.

When shopping for a tripod for Macro Photography, you need to keep a couple of things in mind:
Versatility – Your tripod should be as versatile as possible in the sense of portability and being able extend and collapse in a range that fits your style of shooting.
Sturdiness  – Your tripod should reduce as much vibration as possible and as quickly as possible, so you never miss a shot or get a blurry one. Some tripods have different interchangeable parts that fits on the legs of your tripods to help with this issue.


Promaster XC-M 522CK Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit w/ Head (Black)

Promaster XC-M 525CK Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit w/ Head (Black)

2.) Lighting
Lighting is very important in Macro Photography as well as in all other forms of photography. Having the right lighting equipment will allow you to handle almost all lighting situations! Both a continuous light and flash will work to enhance your photos! You’ll want to soften your flash with something similar to a MagMod Sphere Starter Kit. If you’re really fancy and up for the challenge of carrying it, the Godox AD200 will do wonders especially if you pair it with the Westcott Rapid Box!

MagMod Starter Flash Kit

Godox VING V860IIC TTL Flash Kit for Canon Cameras


3.) Filters
Filters are definitely one of those things we as photographers don’t appreciate enough until you’re in the situation where you think to yourself, “I should’ve put a filter on it.” A good filter will keep your favorite Macro lens free of dust, dirt, water, oil and finger prints. Especially in Marco Photography where sometimes you will need to get down to ground level just to get the shot you want!



4.) Rain sleeves
This is a big one y’all! You spend thousands of dollars on our cameras and lenses, and you should definitely be taking care of them no matter what style of shooting you do! Although some cameras are weather sealed now days, but it still hurts very much when you see rain or dirt on your baby. So always keep one of these sleeves up your sleeve because you never know when it’ll start pouring!



5.) Must Haves.
After all of the essentials to Macro Photography, let’s not forget the essentials to photography in general! A strap will help keep your camera comfortably at the ready at all times, and a good and reliable memory card to store all of your precious photos that you worked so hard to capture!


Leave some comments below to let us know what you find useful when shooting Macro photos and as always, we would love to feature y’alls work! Contact us via email or social media @cameraexchange.


Photos by Jack Rodrigues.

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