Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What’s Changed?

Store Hours

Due to the current events related to the coronavirus outbreak, the city of San Antonio has ordered all non-essential business to close. As a result, we will temporarily be closing our doors and we will re-open as soon as allowed. Please note that the store is not closing permanently.

Can I Still Buy Online or Rent Equipment?

Both online sales and rentals will be halted until further notice.

What If I Have a Camera/Lens Out For Repair?

Repairs are still being worked on and will be available for pick-up when the store re-opens (assuming that the repair is complete).

If You Have One Of Our Rentals

Please hold on to your rental gear until we re-open the store. You are still liable for the equipment, but will not be charged for any of the days that you have the equipment as a result of the store being closed.

Are Classes Cancelled?

All classes are cancelled until further notice. Refunds are being issued on a weekly basis.

We will keep your updated on any future changes.