Shoot To Edit (Part 2)



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Trinity’s two-part class will teach you how to use camera movement and dynamic composition to improve your vlog, short film or commercial. This class is perfect for new video hobbyists, transitioning photographers or the aspiring pro.

Part two will teach a practical approach to understanding how to frame shots for story telling. This includes short classroom instruction with examples different types of shots and the equipment used to create them. Trinity will show how he shot several video examples and the logic behind the camera movement that lead to the choices in the edit. We will also cover practicing camera movement and exploring composition that changes through movement. Students will use their own cameras to capture scene personality.


Must have a camera that is capable of shooting video and must understand the basic menu operation of their camera.

About The Insutrctor

Trinity Greer is a veteran of the media industry and currently runs a hybrid media business shooting video and stills for local magazines and national TV shows. He has been an experienced DP on 4 feature documentaries, 1 feature film, multiple narrative shorts as well as countless commercials, marketing videos and TV shows. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (BFA Film and Animation) in his home town of Eastman Kodak Rochester, New York.