Cleaning & Calibration – How It Works

Our cleaning and calibration services help keep your camera in it’s optimal shooting condition!
, Clean or Calibrate Your Equipment



Mail or drop off locally


, Clean or Calibrate Your Equipment



Equipment is Serviced


, Clean or Calibrate Your Equipment



Pay For Service


, Clean or Calibrate Your Equipment



Get your camera back


1.) Mail It In or Drop It Off Locally

Option 1) If you live within the U.S. you can mail in your equipment to be repaired. Simply fill out our online form below. You’ll then receive an e-mail from us that includes instructions for shipping your equipment to us. Once we receive your shipment, we’ll notify you by e-mail.

Option 2) You may drop off your equipment locally if you live in San Antonio or the surrounding areas.

The only accessories you need to include with your gear are those which would affect diagnosis and repair.

2.) Equipment is Serviced

Once we receive your equipment and determine that there are no problems, we will service it according to your request. Your camera and/or lens will be cleaned and/or calibrated promptly. Our goal is to put your gear back in your hands as quick as possible!

3.) Pay For Service

When your service request is complete and ready to be shipped back out, we’ll send an invoice via e-mail. Once this invoice is paid, we’ll ship your gear back to you.

4.)Get Your Camera Back

You can have your gear shipped back to you (by paying a small shipping and handling fee) or pick it up locally at our store in San Antonio, TX.

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